The LRM® equipment enables magnetic MFL testing of round steel wire ropes 3 up to 270 mm in diameter. Testing can be performed in very harsh environmental conditions, on ropes which have plastic protective coating and are covered with grease or seaweed.

The LRM® equipment enables magnetic MFL testing of steel tubes. It can detect internal and external flaws as well as thinning the tube.

Oryginal and modern solutions adopted in the LRM® equipment are based on over 30 years of scientific work and experience on magnetic methods of steel ropes and tubes inspection as well as several Polish and European Patent Applications of Dr. R.Martyna authorship.

THE LRM® QUALIFICATIONS and EXPERIENCE The qualifications and experience represented by the LRM®- XXI Diagnostic System have background in professional activity of Dr. Roman Martyna, a leading specialist in magnetic NDT testing who manages the LRM® Laboratory.

The LRM® LABORATORY of ROMAN MARTYNA is a specialized company for steel ropes, tubes and conveyor belts Non Destructive Testing, providing testing equipment and NDT/NDE services world - wide.

The LRM® device is used around the world.