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LRM XXI Conveyor Belt Diagnostic System

The Steel cord testing using LRM®XXI Conveyor Belt Diagnostic System aims to identify the most weakened part in the conveyor belt by detecting defects in cord wire ropes caused by transported material.
The regular conveyor belt testing allow the prediction of estimated work time and the replacement of the conveyor belt in which fatigue defect in steel cord has been detected can be ordered.
The Magnetic Measuring Heads MH-400 & Mh-600 are designed for Non-Destructive inspection of steel cords during operation of the conveyor belt. The DLRM®XXIConveyor Belt Diagnostic System inspects the Conveyor Belt at speed up to 7 m/s from the running side on a possibly flat section without disrupting the conveyor belt work.

The LRM®XXIConveyor Belt Diagnostic System includes Measuring Heads MH-400 & Mh-600,
LRM®XXI Recorder with built-in memory, IP67 protective level), LRM Diagnostic Software for the visualization in real time of the collected data from LRM®XXI Recorder, which is easy and intuitive to use) and necessary accessories.

The LRM®XXIConveyor Belt Diagnostic System is designed, constructed and manufactured to work in harsh environmental conditions.