LRM XXI Wire Rope Diagnostic System

Laboratory LRM-NDE provides the most innovative Diagnostic System for MRT method in Non-Destructive Testing.

The LRM®XXI Wire Ropes Diagnostic System can help to increase the safety and lifetime of wire ropes.
The LRM®XXI Diagnostic System is very helpful in evaluating the technical condition of the tested object, it can detect weakness section of the rope expressed in percentage of loss of metallic area.

The LRM®XXI Wire Rope Diagnostic System enables detecting long changes in the rope cross-section due to corrosion and wear (LMA sensor) and  local changes, e.g. broken wires, corrosion pitting and other local rope damage (LF sensor).
The inspection results are said to be reliable, accurate and repeatable.

The catalogue shows standard solutions of  LRM® Measuring Heads (inspection range - diameters).
As a manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in the development of MRT equipment, we can adjust the Measuring Heads construction and inspection range to any customer requirements.

The LRM®XXI Diagnostic System includes Magnetic Measuring Head (equipped with LMA and LF sensors, permanent magnets, all Measuring Heads are compatible with other parts of system), LRM®XXI Recorder with built-in memory, IP67 protective level, LRM®Rope Diagnostic Software for the visualization in real time of the collected data, which is easy and intuitive to use and necessary accessories.
Due to the use of Magnetic method for testing of wire ropes the external coating (e.g. grease and anti-corrosion protection) does not influence the quality of the results.

LRM®XXI Diagnostic System inspects the rope at speed up to 5 m/s and can be used during rope production or operation.
The LRM®XXI Diagnostic System is designed, constructed and manufactured to work in harsh environmental conditions.

We provide the LRM® Training. The training regarding the theoretical issue of wire rope inspections, use of the LRM®XXI Diagnostic System and evaluation of collected data.
LRM® training is carried out by our skilled trainer that has experience in carrying out the MRT inspection using the LRM®XXI Diagnostic System.
The LRM® Training can be carried out in customer facilities or in our well-equipped laboratory in Poland.