LRM XXI Conveyor Belt Diagnostic System


The LRM®XXI Conveyor Belt Diagnostic System aims to identify the most weakened section of the conveyor belt by detecting defects in wire ropes cord.

The regular conveyor belt testing allow the prediction of estimated work time and the replacement of the most weakly section of conveyor belt in which fatigue defect in steel cord has been detected.

Laboratory LRM-NDE offers portable device to carried out the conveyor belt inspection or device dedicated for one installation that in a continuous manner the inspection of installation is performed.

The Measuring Heads MH-400 & MH-600 are designed for Non-Destructive inspection of steel cords during operation of the conveyor belt.

The LRM®XXI Diagnostic System inspects the Conveyor Belt at speed even up to 10 m/s from the running side on a possibly flat section without disrupting the conveyor belt work.

The LRM®XXI Conveyor Belt Diagnostic System includes Measuring Heads (designed to the customer requirments),
LRM®XXI Recorder prepared for harish enviroment with, self battery supply for over 8h, IP67 protective level),
LRM® Diagnostic Software for the visualization in real time of the collected data from LRM®XXI Recorder, which is easy and intuitive to use) and necessary accessories.

Conveyor Belt data analyst services

As a manufacturer of a  world-class Non-destructive Testing Equipment we offer Conveyor Belt data analyst services.
For special customer requirements our inspectors that have level III in MFL method (certificate of competence in NDT according to ISO 9712) evaluate the collected data, prepare and issue the Conveyor Belt report with recommendations.

If you do not have an experience in wire rope Examination we teach you how to collect the data and our company will provide the Conveyor Belt data analyst service for you.