LRM XXI Tube Diagnostic System

The LRM®XXI Tube Diagnostic System is designed for non-destructive inspection of Tubes in heat exchanger.

TheLRM®XXI Tube Diagnostic System is very helpful in evaluating the technical condition of the tested object, it can detect weakness section of the tube expressed in percentage of loss of metallic area.

The LRM®XXI Tube Diagnostic System enables detect defects such as: holes and thinning of the wall. The inspection results are said to be reliable, accurate and repeatable.

The LRM®XXI Tube Diagnostic System includes MFLT Probe with the guiding plastic LRM®XXI Recorder with built-in memory, IP67 protective level), LRM Rope Diagnostic Software for the visualization in real time of the collected data from LRM®XXI Recorder, which is easy and intuitive to use) and necessary accessories.

The LRM®XXI Tube Diagnostic System is designed, constructed and manufactured to work in harsh environmental conditions.