Specification of the LRM®XXI Wire Ropes Diagnostic System

Laboratory LRM-NDE provides the most innovative Wire Rope Diagnostic System for Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) method in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

The LRM®XXI Wire Ropes Diagnostic System can help to increase the safety and lifetime of wire ropes.

The LRM®XXI Diagnostic System is very helpful in evaluating the technical condition of the tested wire rope in full cross section and in full available length of wire rope in the fastest way. MRT Equipment can detect weakness section of the rope expressed in percentage of loss of metallic area.

The LRM®XXI Wire Rope Diagnostic System (Wire Rope Tester) is Portable, Handheld and Lightweight.

The LRM®XXI Wire Rope Diagnostic System enables detecting long changes in the rope cross-section due to corrosion and wear (LMA sensor) and local changes, e.g. broken wires, corrosion pitting and other local rope damage (LF sensor).

The inspection results are said to be reliable, accurate and repeatable. Due to the use of Magnetic method for testing of wire ropes the external coating (e.g. grease and anti-corrosion protection) does not influence the quality of the results.

The LRM®XXI Diagnostic System is designed, constructed and manufactured to work in harsh environmental conditions.

Components of the LRM®XXI Wire Rope Diagnostic System

The LRM®XXI Diagnostic System consist of:

1. LRM® MH Measuring Head with guiding system and LRM® Encoder is equipped with: – Sensor LMA and Sensor LF:

a) Loss of Metallic Area (LMA) Sensor, enables the localization and evaluation of long changes of metallic cross section area in a tested rope, e.g. due to corrosion or wear. The value of LMA can be expressed in percentage with reference to metallic cross section of tested rope.

b) Local Flaws (LF) Sensor, enables the localization and evaluation of local defects e.g. broken wires, corrosion pitting in full cross section of wire rope.

  • The LRM® Measuring Head has smooth housing with stainless steel.
  • The Measuring Head does not have any electronic components which are sensitive to water.
  • IP67 protection level for sensors inside the Measuring Heads and all components.
  • Sliders or rollers adjust the guiding system to ensure the central wire rope drive.
  • Encoder enabling the measurement of testing speed, direction and distance of the tested rope for the Measuring Head.

Standard solutions of LRM® MH Measuring Heads

The catalogue shows standard solutions of LRM® Measuring Heads (inspection range – diameters).

As a manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in the development of MRT equipment, we can adjust the Measuring Heads construction and inspection range to any customer requirements.

2. DIGITAL LRM®XXI Recorder for collection of inspection data with built-in memory for 10 km of testing results.

  • The Recorder is compatible with all Measuring Heads.
  • The MRT Equipment can inspect the wire rope with speed range from 0,05 m/s – 10 m/s and can be used during the wire rope operation and during the production.
  • The Recorder and the Software can be connected via RS232 or USB.
  • The Recorder housing is resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Built-in battery enabling 12h minimum continuous work.
  • Housing and all external components have IP67 protection level.
  • Size: 216x180x102mm
  • Weight: 2,8kg

Has also been developed LRM®XXI-B Recorder (WIRELESS CONNECTION).

This type or Recorder is dedicate for long distance MRT Inspection.

This Recorder is characterised by specially designed housing enables the recorder to be mounted directly on the measuring head.

  • Size: 152x195x55mm,
  • Weight: 1,5kg



3. LRM®Rope-21 Diagnostic Software for the visualization in real time of the collected data from LRM®XXI Recorder, which is easy and intuitive to use.

LRM®Rope-21 Diagnostic Software has a lot of useful features for evaluation and interpretation of the collected data and prepare expertise, for example the automatic calculation of loss of metallic cross-section area in percentage in relation to the nominal metallic cross-section area of the tested wire rope and comparison with discard criteria at summing distances 6d and 30d.

Each set of MRT Equipment is additionally equipped with signal cables and necessary accessories.

In order to deliver the MRT Equipment in the best possible condition to customer and safe transportation to place of inspections our MRT equipment is packaged in cases that are waterproof and resistant to mechanical damage.

LRM® Training course

Laboratory LRM-NDE provides the LRM® Training course as well.
The training course regarding not only the information how to use the LRM®XXI Diagnostic System.
The LRM Training course regarding also the general approach for the MRT inspections, information how to carry out the wire rope inspection, theoretical aspect regarding the wire rope, interpretation and evaluation of collected data as well.

LRM® training course is carried out by our skilled trainer that has experience in carrying out the MRT inspection using the LRM®XXI Diagnostic System.
The LRM® Training can be carried out in customer facilities, office, vessel or in our well-equipped laboratory in Poland.

Laboratory LRM-NDE provides the LRM® procedure as well.