About service

The inspection of the technical condition of cableway wire ropes with the use of LRM®XXI Diagnostic System enables to detect of the most common various of wire rope wear, such as:  external broken wires or abrasions.

LRM® Measuring Head for Cableway Inspection Services​ is equipped in two different types of sensors:

  • LF sensor, that enables the localization and evaluation of local defects, 
  • LMA sensor, that enables the localization and evaluation of long changes of metallic cross section area in a tested rope.

Due to use this two types of sensors in LRM®XXI Diagnostic System, it is possible to perform accurate diagnostics of the place of strands rope, with detection of local defects and rope deformation in the place where the strands are interlaced (broken and loosened external wires, flattened external strands).

The advantages of Cableway Inspection Services with the use of LRM®XXI Diagnostic System:

  • reduced time of wire rope inspection compared to the visual inspection while maintaining reliability to detect all local external defects,
  • maintenance a high level of safety of transported persons due to possibility of detect the weakest section of wire rope,
  • guarantee of detecting all discontinuities in the wire rope cross section along with deformations and distortions.

Laboratory LRM-NDE manufactures special designed measuring head for inspection of carrying ropes.

The LRM®XXI Diagnostic Systems completely fulfils the requirements of standard EN 12927:2019