About service

Many years of experience in Polish mining has allowed the Laboratory LRM-NDE to gain the knowledge and necessary competence in regard to mining wire rope such as:

  • hoist wire rope,
  • guiding wire rope,
  • balance round wire rope,
  • flat rubber wire rope (SAG)
  • and galvanised steel cords of conveyor belts.

Due to unique shape of flat rubber wire rope (SAG) and localization of guiding wire rope in the shaft the Laboratory LRM-NDE manufactures special designed measuring heads for those kind of wire ropes inspections.

Special designed Measuring Head MH-SAG

The wire rope inspection in mining shaft hoist – as the weakest and the most exposed to wear element – requires the use of state-of-the-art LRM®XXI Wire Rope Diagnostic System.
The Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) device for testing steel wire rope and conveyor belt with steel cord can detect different various of wear, such as: internal and external broken wire, internal corrosion, abrasions, etc.

Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) equipment manufactured by Laboratory LRM-NDE allows for accurate detection of the above various of wear of single- and multi-layers ropes of surface contact with wires (compacted), round balance ropes, flat rubber and steel ropes, and closed cable carrier.

The Wire Rope Examination with the use of LRM®XXI Wire Rope Diagnostic System enables to extend the lifetime of ropes wire in the mining industry due to continuous monitoring of the technical condition of wire ropes and accurate detect of their maximum weakening (wear) considering the regulations in the specific country and maintaining a high level of safety as well.