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The goals of Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) Examination in the oil and gas industry are:

  • improve safety offshore activities
  • prevent disasters
  • vessel utilization improvement with planning of wire changes

Wire Rope Inspection Services in the oil and gas industry with the use of LRM®XXI Diagnostic System allows to get information about the technical condition of wire rope in full cross section and in full available length of wire rope in the fastest way.

Single broken wire on 96mm non-rotating wire rope

MRT Examination is the evaluation of technical condition of tested wire rope according to interpretation of collected results.

With regular periodic wire rope inspection combined with data utilization of crane the it is possible to estimate the remaining lifetime of crane wires.

The best result of evaluation of technical condition of tested wires comes from all available NDT methods – it is combination of:

  • MRT method with the use of LRM®XXI Diagnostic System,
  • all information collected from visual inspection,
  • data of crane utilization,
  • information from previous MRT Examinations.

Due to cooperation with Laboratory LRM-NDE with success offshore companies has implemented inspections of cranes wire ropes with the use of LRM®XXI Diagnostic System according to MRT Examination procedure and international standards for offshore fleet.

In reasonable notice can be predicted and scheduled necessary activities in crane maintenance, it allows to increase operation safety and fleet availability during project.

Long-term cooperation with offshore companies has allowed Laboratory LRM-NDE to achieve the knowledge and necessary competence to design wire rope diagnostic system equipment that can meet the harsh environmental conditions at sea.

The LRM® Measuring Heads do not include any electronic component inside, that means that the LRM® Measuring Heads are not expose to waterlogging. This facts makes the MRT device reliable. All of the components of LRM®XXI Diagnostic System have minimum IP67 protection level.

LRM®XXI Diagnostic System is designed, constructed and manufactured to work in harsh environmental conditions

LRM®XXI Diagnostic System is used for the MRT Examination of ROV Umbilical Armor as well.