A few words about Laboratory LRM-NDE

Ph.D. Roman Martyna

LRM-NDE Laboratory is a manufacturer of LRM XXI Diagnostic System for testing wire ropes, conveyor belts and tubes in heat exchanger.

The company has advanced knowledge in the design and manufacture of MRT device, qualified team of engineers and a suitable fleet of machines. The origins of MRT knowledge go back to 1970s, when Roman Martyna, was studying wire rope MRT at the University of Science and Technology (AGH). The technology developed by AGH professors allows to very effective and fast evaluation the technical condition of wire rope.

Roman Martyna was granted Ph.D. on the MFL method – “Localisation of the defect in full cross section area of steel wire rope” in 1980. LRM-NDE Laboratory is continuously working on the development of the MRT method. The state-of-the-art solutions implemented in the MRT devices are the results of scientific work and experience of Ph.D. Roman Martyna & M.Sc. Eng. Maciej Martyna and their team of engineers and technicians.

Moreover, being in the Non-Destructive Testing industries since over 40 years Ph.D. Roman Martyna and M.Sc. Eng. Maciej Martyna have published a range of research. LRM XXI Diagnostic Systems are used worldwide in a wide range of industries such as Oil & Gas, mining and metallurgy. MRT device of LRM-NDE company is using to carry out the wire rope inspection of cranes and elevators, bridges, guy ropes of flare stacks and masts, cableways, tubes and conveyor belts.

LRM-NDE provides professional Wire Rope Examination Services

LRM-NDE Laboratory provides a professional Magnetic Rope Testing Services with the use of MRT device.
To provide Wire Rope Examination Services LRM-NDE Laboratory has engineering staff with many years of experience confirmed by appropriate certification in accordance with ISO 9712.

The expertise form the wire rope inspection are prepared to the highest standards by experienced MRT Inspectors according to the LRM-NDE procedures and appropriate standards.

LRM-NDE Laboratory perform the Wire Rope Examination Services in all kinds of industries and all available diameters, construction of wire ropes with the use of LRM XXI device.


Long term relationship with customers

LRM-NDE Laboratory is building long term relationship with his customers based on trust, mutual respect and result oriented solutions for more than 40 years.

LRM-NDE implemented and applies an Integrated System of Quality Management ann Industrial Safety Management conformable with the requirements of the STANDARD ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018

LRM-NDE Laboratory is the member of the International Organization for the Study of Rope (OIPEEC).




The MRT device is used around the world

LRM-NDE Laboratory headquarters are based in Poland and local representative operates in USA, Mexico, South Korea, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Japan, India, Vietnam, Morocco, Georgia, Pakistan, Panama, Brazil, United Kingdom and others.

The MRT device is used around the world.


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