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Our Products

LRM XXI Wire Rope Diagnostic System
LRM XXI Wire Rope Diagnostic System
Laboratory LRM-NDE provides the most innovative Diagnostic System for MRT method in Non-Destructive Testing. The LRM®XXI Wire Ropes Diagnostic System can hel...
LRM XXI Tube Diagnostic System
LRM XXI Tube Diagnostic System
The LRM®XXI Tube Diagnostic System is designed for non-destructive inspection of Tubes in heat exchanger. TheLRM®XXI Tube Diagnostic System is very helpful i...
LRM XXI Conveyor Belt Diagnostic System
LRM XXI Conveyor Belt Diagnostic System
The LRM®XXI Conveyor Belt Diagnostic System aims to identify the most weakened section of the conveyor belt by detecting defects in wire ropes cord. The regu...

About us

Laboratory LRM-NDE is a world-leading manufacturer of the Equipment for Non-Destructive Testing of steel ropes using a Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) method.

Original and state-of-the-art solutions adopted in the LRM Equipment are based on over 40 years of scientific work and experience on magnetic methods of steel wire ropes, tubes and conveyor belts inspections.

 We provide a world-class Non-destructive Testing. Our inspection personnel conduct inspection in accordance with each client’s management systems.

Our instructions have level III in MFL method.

The certificate of competence in NDT according to PN-EN ISO 9712

Recent realization

Offshore Wire Rope Inspection on Bourbon vessel

The offshore wire rope inspection was carried out on Bourbon vessel.
The MRT Inspector used the LRM®XXI Wire Rope Diagnostic System with LRM®MH-80 and with LRM®MH-60 
More realizations


Products and services for various industries:

Inspection in the oil and gas industry
Bridge Inspection
Cabelway Inspection
Crane & elevators Inspection
Inspection in the mining industry
Tubes Inspection
Conveyor belts Inspection

The LRM® device is used around the world.