LRM XXI Wire Rope Diagnostic System

Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) Services

Wire rope inspection services in the oil and gas industry


About LRM-NDE Laboratory

40 +

Years of Experience

Manufacturer of Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) Equipment

LRM-NDE Laboratory is a manufacturer of Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) Equipment for Non-Destructive Testing of steel wire ropes.

Our company doesn’t only sell the MRT Equipment, but has also had over 40 years of experience with Wire Rope Inspections and is willing share it with customers. All technology and know-how implemented in manufactured LRM XXI Diagnostic System is owned by LRM-NDE.

LRM XXI Diagnostic System helps to increase the operation safety of the entire installation in which wire ropes are a very important component. The LRM XXI Diagnostic System enables to extend the lifetime of wire ropes due to periodical inspections of the technical condition of wire ropes and accurate detect of their maximum weakening (wear) considering the regulations and maintaining a high level of safety as well.

LRM-NDE Laboratory is a manufacturer of LRM Diagnostic System for Non-Destructive testing of tubes in heat exchanger and conveyor belts as well.

We provide ​Word-class Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) Services

LRM-NDE Laboratory provides a world-class Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) Services in many industries where wire ropes are used. LRM-NDE offers full professional support during the MRT Services:

  • Providing of the MRT Equipment
  • SALES of LRM XXI Diagnostic System
  • Rental of MRT Equipment
  • MRT Examination Services – carrying out wire rope inspection on site performed by qualified MRT Inspector and preparing the expertise from wire rope inspection
  • MRT data analysis services – support in interpretation and evaluation of collected data from wire rope inspection by customer staff and prepare the expertise by LRM Inspectors

We provide state-of-the-art MRT Equipment

LRM-NDE Laboratory has been developing MRT method, which have been implemented into the LRM-NDE wire rope tester technology using the latest advances in electronics and informatics, creating the state-of-the-art MRT EquipmentLRM XXI Diagnostic System. The original and state-of-the-art solutions adopted in the MRT Equipment are based on over 40 years of scientific work and experience on magnetic methods of steel wire ropes, tubes and conveyor belts inspections.

Qualified MRT Inspectors

MRT Services are provided by qualified MRT Inspectors. The competence of LRM-NDE Engineers is confirmed by international certificates of competence in NDT according to PN-EN ISO 9712.

Wide use of MRT equipment

Long term cooperation with customers in various industries such as: Oil & Gas, mining and metallurgy allows LRM-NDE Laboratory to develop the brand and gather experiences together with customers for MRT Equipment development. Moreover the MRT Equipment is using is to perform the MRT inspection of cranes and elevators, bridges, guy ropes of flare stacks and masts, cableways, tubes and conveyor belts.


The LRM® device is used around the world

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BOURBON Company partner LRM-NDE manufacturer of LRM XXI Wire Rope Diagnostic System